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Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery in Canton, MI

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At Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery we are driven to providing you with the results you hope to one day attain. Keeping up with industry developments and standards we are dedicated to delivering the best services in the safest manner. We invite you to navigate through our site to learn more about how we can help you attain your goals safely and comfortably.

Our practice offers all services under the plastic surgery umbrella ranging from cosmetic surgery to reconstruction.


Dr. Bazzi is a board certified plastic surgeon. To schedule a consultation or appointment please visit the Contact page.

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Cosmetic Surgery - Canton MI

At Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery we acknowledge that every individual has their own intrinsic beauty. How each individual chooses to portray that beauty is unique and dependent upon their individual style. In such a cosmopolitan society it is very easy to loose ones self in the constantly changing trends set by Hollywood and those few individuals living the 'glamorous life.' Therefore, when seeking a balance between your inner self and a corresponding outward reflection, it is essential to keep in mind that as imperative as it is to maintain a consistent representation of the individual and unique characteristics of your personality, it is just as imperative to represent that consistency in an outward fashion as well. Therefore, when considering self enhancement by means of surgical intervention, think about timeless beauty and not changing trends. Trends get lost in time, but your inner self will always remain timeless. At the Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Mohamad H. Bazzi chooses to remain steadfast in preserving the true art of plastic surgery. He elects not to participate in the short lived trends set by popular fads; instead he chooses to continue upholding the timeless standards that plastic surgery is governed by. In the long run, we want to change the face of plastic surgery from a convenience that is only available to the rich and famous to a medical specialty that aims in the promotion of the overall well being of all people. An experience at the Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery will be one that is fulfilling on several levels, physical, psychological and spiritual. We are excited to be a part of your journey.

Michigan board certified plastic surgeon - Dr. Bazzi and his staff want to take all precautions to ensure your wellbeing and comfort. For your safety all surgical procedures are done at full accredited hospitals and medical centers. Dr. Bazzi has privileges at multiple hospitals in the Detroit area. The Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery does everything it can to help you and the world; a portion of their proceeds go directly to charitable organizations around the world.

At the Celestial Institute of Plastic Surgery Dr. Bazzi and his staff want to help all of their patients become educated and make informed decisions. Visiting this site is the first step of your plastic surgery education. All procedures are outlined on the Procedures & Injectables page and the Celestial Skin Care & Laser page. Dr. Bazzi and his staff will also be readily available to answer any question you may have. You can contact the office directly through the Contact Us page. Dr. Bazzi stays educated on the latest procedures and methods by attending multiple workshops and conferences every year. He does this so he can provide his patients with the highest level of service and information. Dr. Bazzi now invites you to continue your education by reading through the rest of this informative website.

Dr. Bazzi is a plastic surgeon in Canton, Michigan serving the Detroit Metropolitan area.